What are intelligent design cabin fans? What are intelligent design cabin fans?
Cabin fans are specially designed for installation in cabins. These fans can easily be mounted to cabin walls and have generally a high revolution... What are intelligent design cabin fans?

Cabin fans are specially designed for installation in cabins. These fans can easily be mounted to cabin walls and have generally a high revolution per minute (rpm), which spreads fresh and cool air. With its increasing demand companies are making new models which are of various designs. So we have summed up some points to keep in mind while choosing from a wide range of intelligent cabin fans available in the market.

Finger safe blades

If you are opting for a cabin fan you must have got a pretty small space to work at. Cabin fans are installed at a low height as the air sweep is around 300-500 mm. Thus, the air generated can be utilized to the fullest. Many cabin fans are not provided with a protective grill. Sometimes, the grills are taken away, to remove any barrier for air or lack of space. So, when buying a cabin fan, always go for fans with soft blades which will prove to be safe for your fingers.

Mounting flexibility

An intelligently designed cabin fan must have the flexibility of mounting at any kind of wall. This will enable you to mount the fan anywhere in your cabin, either to the wall or to the ceiling. Moreover, if the mounting process is easy, you can remove it or mount it, when you need to shift your workplace, whether temporarily or permanently.

Gyroscopic rotation

This feature will compensate the low air sweep of a cabin fan. If it has been provided with a gyroscopic rotation i.e., an oscillation of 360°, this little instrument will end up airing the whole room to each and every corner. If you come across a cabin fan with gyroscopic rotation in its list of features in your budget, no doubt go for it.

Low consumption

While people take theleast care in this part, a low consumption cabin fan can fix up your high electricity bills. Most cabin fans consume around 70-80 watts of electricity, so some of the top tier companies have come up with these fans consuming as low as 50 watts or so. While buying fans always have a check on the consumption of your cabin fan.Read more to know about low consumption fans at this site.

Corrosion protection

Most of the companies are avoids the little final touches while manufacturing these fans. You will never know or care about such fine details while buying if it is pocket-friendly, but if a cabin fan is not corrosion protected you shouldn’t buy that. An intelligently designed cabin fan will always be coated with powder for guard or polymer ring along the inner rim.

Aerodynamically prepared

Another fine detail in the list which is avoided by the companies is the aerodynamic design. While an aerodynamically prepared fan increases the production cost manifold due to the pre-production research, but on the other hand, this will directly affect the performance of your cabin fan. Two easy things you can check on, whether the blade edges are flipped and curved, and the second thing to look at is whether one of the edges in all the blades is relatively longer than the other one. Checking on these two fine details will help you make a smarter decision.

These are some of the general and fine details to look at while buying this appliance for your home or office. Some of the companies who provide best quality cabin fans are Havells, Crompton Greaves, Atomberg etc. Cabin fans are gaining market at a really steady rate as companies are also taking care of aesthetics while manufacturing. These fans have great potential to get a monopoly in the near future due to their high performance to consumption ratio.

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