The Invisible Engineering Behind Construction The Invisible Engineering Behind Construction
Construction is something that those not working in the industry are likely to know very little about. For most of us construction is just... The Invisible Engineering Behind Construction

Construction is something that those not working in the industry are likely to know very little about. For most of us construction is just a necessity of life; it means we have somewhere to live, work, places to go when we aren’t working, roads and bridges to get us there (and home again) and a reason to get annoyed when we are prevented from getting to and from places or made late due to building works in operation.


Then, and to try and create a better awareness and appreciation for those albeit loud, annoying and sizable projects that can get in our way of arriving at work on time, especially when living in major cities such as London, here are some of the seemingly invisible experts, techniques and inventions that are holding together our societies (quite literally) and as well designing and defining them.

Architecture…and Architects

Many people do not think of architecture (as a subject and discipline) as a matter of engineering. Yet, just because an architect spends more time with pen and paper than a drill and donning a hard hat does not mean it isn’t. In fact, without an architect most of the buildings constructed in the UK today would not be there or have been built.

In a nut shell, all architecture (speaking of the concept) refers to is building engineering; architects whilst rarely seen except by those building bespoke homes for themselves and families are the invisible brains that dream up and make realising your home, place of work, favourite shop or the bridges, hospitals and airports you pass through and over possible.

Then, to learn more about these mysterious minds behind the designs that govern our lives and determine where we walk, how we get there and how many steps we take along the way, head over to the Spaceio website and give their rather illuminating article: The Life of an Architect: 10 Interesting Facts about an Architect.

The Nuts and Bolts that Hold Our World Together

We all know what bricks are, and what mortar is. We all also know what floors are, stair cases, concrete, cement and roofs, as well as roof tiles. Most of us also know at least a bit about insulation and plastering, the role of double and even triple glazing. Hence, we all think we have at least the assemblage of what it takes to create a basic building.

To destroy that illusion all together and cause it to come crashing down like…well, any building would if built by most of us non-experts out there, take a moment to consider, for example, pile sheeting. Do you know what it is? Do you know why it is used, either temporarily during a construction project or permanently in many?

The answer is, that pile sheeting is a technique and the name of something that has revolutionised modern construction and made building under water, underground and into the sky far safer and as well possible. As such, it is also the perfect example of invisible engineering; whilst being necessarily relied upon in most modern day construction projects, of those who subsequently lean against the result, accidently reverse their car into it (for example when using an underground car park) or walk alongside it to get to work every day when using a canal tow path, less than 1% in all likelihood ever stop to ask how that wall remains there, why that canal embankment or lock does not collapse in over time or how that car park was created underground.

Yet, the answer to all of these questions is likely to be, at least in part thanks to the engineering of pile sheeting such as that provided via the UK’s premier pile sheeting contractors, Sheet Piling UK. Then, to learn more about pile sheeting, a good place to do so is via the Sheet Piling UK website.

Behind the Scenes of Modern Construction: Documentaries that Provide a VIP Pass

To learn more about construction and open your eyes to the myriad of other invisible engineering processes, inventions and techniques involved in building societies, cities and projects from the mega to minute, there is a wealth of fantastic documentaries out there. What’s more, many of which are available to watch via Youtube, such as Constructing Dubai, which features some of the world’s most ambitious architecture and Bridges of New York with discusses the importance of (you guessed it) bridge structures as well as their specific construction.


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