3 Ways to Secure Your Home this Winter 3 Ways to Secure Your Home this Winter
It might be December already, but this does not mean it is too late to better secure your home this winter. In fact, with... 3 Ways to Secure Your Home this Winter

It might be December already, but this does not mean it is too late to better secure your home this winter. In fact, with the festive season having now arrived, there is no better time as many would-be thieves capitalise on this time of year due to the number of valuable gifts many of us have tucked away within our homes ready to give on Christmas day – and ready to be stolen ahead of it, should your home security fail to keep them safe.

Raising the Alarm as to Home Security

If you do not already have a home alarm system fitted to your property, you are running a real risk of being burgled. Further, it is likely that you will also be paying higher premiums than your neighbours as insurance companies know all too well the increased risks home owners take by not investing in a even a simple burglar alarm. At worst, if you have an alarm but it is in need of repair or replacing, or you simply fail to make proper use of it, your home insurance could consequently be entirely void, meaning you could be forking out for insurance premiums without actually having insurance at all. Then, the cheapest, easiest and surest way to massively improve your home security is to very simply invest in a burglar alarm – and use it.

An alarm needn’t even be an ultra modern, ultra technical or ultra expensive one. In fact, you can pick up a perfectly adequate wireless and trade rated Yale home alarm kit via the Screwfix website for less than £100. Hence, you needn’t even leave the house or get dressed to get your hands on what will probably prove the best festive purchase you make this year and could well see your insurance premiums drop noticeably. Just remember to inform your home insurer that you have replaced or fitted a home alarm system – and make sure to fit it in a visible place to warn off burglars.

Meanwhile, for those looking to learn more about home alarm systems, which to buy and how to make the most of having one, head over to the Crime Prevention website and read their article: Burglar Alarm Advice.

Get the Garden in Good Order

Gardens often go unnoticed or get over looked by home owners when attempting to better improve their home security. This is a huge and potentially costly mistake to make. After all, the first potential obstacle a would-be burglar is going to face is usually how to negotiate you garden in order to gain access to your home. This is particularly true as most burglars here in the UK gain access via a back of a home. Sadly, many also do so by actually using a garden to their advantage and even in some cases by using what is within the garden. How? Here are the major ways burglars identify a house worth attempting to burgle by looking into its garden:

  • A garden in which ladders have been left out. Leaving ladders out is like leaving a key in a door…with a flashing arrow pointing this out.
  • A garden in which other tools have been left out or lying around. Not only is it extremely dangerous to leave tools such as hammers, saws, garden sheers and the likes lying around as there is no knowing who could get their hands on them, it also increasing the risk of burglars getting their hands on them and using them to gain entry to your home. Of course, a determined and more organised thief may well come equipped, but because of the risk of being stopped by the police and having to have to try and explain why they have the tools necessary to commit a burglary on their person or in their car is not something any burglar enjoys doing and instantly raises suspicion. Consequently, seeing someone who has left the tools necessary out and ready for them to use is hugely tempting to a thief.
  • A garden in which toys and equipment has been left out. Notice a theme? Leaving anything out in your garden is likely to tempt a thief, and not only to attempt to gain entry to your home; bikes, toys and even garden furniture or expensive clothing placed on a washing line can all and are all commonly stolen by thieves who do not even attempt to break into a home. So, keep an eye on it and when you can’t, put it away.
  • A garden featuring a broken fence, lockless gate or gateless entry. Fit it, maintain it and lock it is the rule when it comes to garden fences and gates.

For further advice, this time provided directly by the UK constabulary who are after all expert burglar catchers, head over to the Essex Police website and make the most of their current feature on Garden Security.

Don’t Forget the Garage

Even those who are proactive and eagle eyed when it comes to securing their home and garden can slip up when it comes to remembering to do the same for their garage. That is, they lock everything valuable and which would otherwise be left in their garden in their garage, think they’ve done enough and are in actual fact (by leaving no valuables out) alerting would be thieves that in fact…yes, it is all stored very conveniently in the garage instead. Then, any would-be burglar who happens to have passed your home or may even have been purposely in the area scouting out potential ‘jobs’ as it were, now knows what you have and also where it is.

Then, even if your garden features a locked gate, decent fence and security spikes and your home has well locked doors and windows, and a working burglar alarm, you may still find yourselves being broken into. That is, if you fail to maintain your garage door or make the mistake of investing in a cheap garage door and do not fit it with additional locks, any non-amateur burglar in all likelihood will have no problem at all getting into it. Further, if your garage connects directly to your home this poses the further threat and risk of a burglar then gaining easy access to your home.

Then, to protect you home (and most importantly your family), consider whether a new garage door might well be needed, and if so take the time your possessions and family are worth to explore your options over at the likes of the Duratec Security Solutions website before simply opting for the cheapest on the market. Further, always make sure to fit an alarm to your garage as well as you home.

Finally, if you cannot currently afford to replace a worn out or heavily repaired garage door (which is like a welcome sign burglars looking for an easy door to break into), in the meantime invest in a garage defender – which you can purchase for less than £50 via the Lock & Key Online Store and easily fit yourself. Then, there really is no excuse for failing to make sure your garage is secure this winter. And, suffice to say, it is preferable to hear it now and act than be told the same by your home insurer when you become a victim of burglary and are trying to make a claim.


Santo Tcora